Adventure Motorcycle Rider Training

Take Your Riding Skills To The Next Level With Adventure Motorcycle Rider Training.  Classes Limited!  Sign Up Now!  

Adventure Motorcycle Rider Training

There’s an old saying in the motorcycle World, “The best addition to any motorcycle is a better rider.”  

At Lodestar Moto, we currently offer the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s AdventureBike RiderCourse (ADVRC).   Getting adventure motorcycle rider training with us will enable you to get more out of your bike no matter what the trail throws at you.  We will teach you the the important skills of bike set-up, rider position, riding in a low-traction environment, overcoming obstacles on the trail, traversing hills and riding on uneven terrain.  We are known as “The Riders Guide” for good reason. We love to share our passion for the sport, so everything Lodestar does is rider focused and centered on getting you prepared for the ride ahead.  Sign up today for one of our upcoming MSF AdventureBike RiderCourse’s (ADVRC) and begin your adventure.

10% of ADV LIFE Product Proceeds are Donated to Trail Conservation!

adventure motorcycle tours

John Shedd once wrote, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why ships were built.”  At Lodestar Moto, we feel the same way about our motorcycles.  They were built to be ridden and we believe there’s no better way to ride them than traveling the World with fellow adventurers.  Whether we are traveling down the coast of the Baja, or summiting a mountain pass in Colorado, touring with Lodestar will create memories that last a lifetime.  Ride with us to exciting travel destinations in Mexico, the Colorado Rockies and the Mountain West.  

Lodestar Moto is a recognized leader in motorcycle training, adventure travel and, motorcycle gear.

Our team of experts have over 40 years of motorcycle riding and training experience.  It is our passion to encourage lifelong skills development with every rider we train.  Our customers demand the best and our commitment to excellence comes through in everything we do. Whether you seek adventure motorcycle rider training, a guided tour, or quality motorcycle travel gear, we are “The Riders Guide.”

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