Adventure Motorcycle Rider Training

At Lodestar Moto, we proudly offer the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s slot bonus new member

MSF AdventureBike RiderCourse (ADVRC).  This course will give you the skills to transition from street riding to the dirt in a safe, controlled environment.  Developed by MSF, the curriculum is well-researched, tested and proven to work.  There’s a reason why many states in the U.S. recommend an MSF basic riding class for newly licensed street riders.  The MSF ADVRC takes it to a whole new level by delivering practical rider training that every new ADV rider needs. We also offer Level 2 training for more experienced adventure motorcycle riders.  These courses are designed for riders who have mastered the basics, but want to take their riding to whole new level.  Highly technical riding, traversing large obstacles, rocky terrain, deep sand and gravel, mud, land navigation, and other critical adventure riding skills are taught.  These courses are progressive in nature and the participant’s skill levels must be appropriate for this type of training in order to avoid injury, so contact Lodestar Moto if you aren’t sure which course you are ready for! bonus deposit

Adventure Rider Training

Lodestar Moto undertands how important good riding skills are to succesfully completing any adventure. After all, adventure travel is why we were started in the first place . Whether you are just starting out, or have ridden across continents, we have courses that will help you improve every aspect of your adventure motorcycling experience. We are now proudly offering the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) AdventureBike RiderCourse in Denver, Colorado. Skill matters. Train to travel with us.

Private Lessons

We offer all of our courses as private lessons as well as individualized lessons that are tailored to our students needs. These are customized courses that range from a few hours to a few days. You will receive private coaching with the full and undivided attention of your instructor. We will even help you plan, map and prepare for that once-in-a-lifetime solo or group trip. Private lessons are the most popular choice for families and friends who are planning a motorcycle adventure together.
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