MSF Adventure Bike Rider Course


Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s AdventureBike RiderCourse (ADVRC)– This single-day course includes riding and discussions on a dirt training range, for owners of ADV and Dual-Purpose motorcycles who wish to learn 12 fundamental skills for riding their motorcycle off-road. This includes riding on low-traction surfaces with an emphasis on body positioning and rider-active control techniques needed for off-road environments. The course is for licensed riders who own an Adventure Bike (ADV) or Dual-Purpose bike and have experience with it on the street. A motorcycle license is required, but no prior off-road riding experience is necessary.

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Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

What you'll learn:

An introduction to dirt riding techniques

Clutch, throttle, and brake techniques

Counterbalance turning techniques

Effective off-road riding body positioning

Acceleration techniques on dirt, gravel, and sand

Hill climbing & descending steep hills in a controlled manner

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