Private Intermediate Adventure Training

A continuation to adventure riding & off-road techniques
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Welcome to our intermediate adventure training course, this is for the riders who have taken our basic adventure training course and would like to continue their education and further their skills. This class is not only a refresher of basic adventure training but also learning additional challenging skills that will help you on the trails.

This two day class will be structured as such:

The first day will be a refresher course of the basic adventure riding skills to make sure we are all on the same page. As we lead into day number two that’s when we get into the more fun training. You will see more difficult techniques than in basic adventure training and will increase your confidence on the trails and your bike. This is a great class to take to strengthen your riding skills and be able to see more challenging trails.

What you'll learn:

An introduction to sand riding techniques

Effective off-road riding body positioning

Counterbalance turning techniques

Hill climbing & descending steep hills in a controlled manner

Turning around with a fully loaded bike on inclines & declines

Trail Management, Wildlife Conservation, And Environmental Efforts​

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