Private Advanced Adventure Training

Advanced skills in adventure riding & trail riding techniques
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Welcome to our advanced adventure training course, we are excited to offer this course to those who are ready to go on an adventure. This training course goes over the skills necessary to complete the more difficult trails you'll find in the back country. Adventure motorcycles are an amazing way to get out and see the world and we hope that we can be your avenue to becoming proficient at riding off road.

This course is tailored to those who have either been through our two prerequisite classes, basics adventure training & intermediate adventure training, or have a couple of years of experience riding off-road and adventure riding. You will improve upon the skills you learned in those previous classes and takes them to the next level. 

This class will go over more complicated off-road riding techniques while riding in more difficult terrain such as deep sand, mud, gravel, and managing obstacles that come in your way. We as a group will be going out and putting our skills to the test as we take on some of Colorado’s best off-roading sites. Please join us for a day of trail, learning, and challenging events.

What you'll learn:

Effective off-road riding body positioning

Clutch, throttle, and brake techniques

Counterbalance turning techniques

Hill climbing & descending steep hills in a controlled manner

Turning around with a fully loaded bike on inclines & declines

Trail Management, Wildlife Conservation, And Environmental Efforts​

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